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How To Create a Blog on blogger

What Is Blogger? How to create a blog in blogger?


Blogger is a Website maintained by Google Company that allows users to create their own personal blog with ease of use and google maintains the backend and security issues also. Blogger is known for its ease of use any one get their own blog with in few mins and its free (Paid Domain Is optional)

The Free version has .blogspot.com in the url however you can get custom domain like myname.com for few dollars. Blogger is an easy way to get your thoughts online So Let’s Get Started

Blogger has an additional advantage of Faster CDN network and well integration of Google Search and Cal clearly has a higher Domain Authority when compared to WordPress.

The Alternatives Of Blogger are . WordPress, Wix, Etc.

How to create a blog in blogger?


In order to get yourself a blog all you need is a google account (Doesn’t Have Check This)

Sign in to your Blogger Account


Go to blogger.com homepage and then SIGN IN to your account using your Google account credentials.

Choose a Blogger Profile


Once you signed into your Blogger account, for the first time, it will ask you to set up a profile for your Blogger blogs. Google Plus has been dropped so prefer Facebook and Instagram page links in your profile

Create your blog

Now you will be able to see the blogger dashboard you can choose “New blog” or “CREATE NEW BLOG” option to start your blog creation.


Choose your blog title, address and theme


After clicking ‘new blog’ or ‘create new blog’ option, a new window will be open like the following screenshot below and there you need to fill details. Now enter your blog name (Name Of Your Blog), address (The Subdomain name which will be url ), and then pick a theme. After that, you need to click” Create blog” button to finish your initial blog setup.


Lunch your blog

Once you finished the blog setup process, you can able to see your blog dashboard. Your blogger blog is live now and ready to start blogging. You can check it by clicking the “View Blog” link, or you can visit directly by typing your blog address (URL) at any web browser.


Great! You have finished your google blog creation. Now your blog is running, and it’s live for all.

How to create a blog in blogger
Blogger Dashboard


Are We Ready Yet

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In Short No, Your Blog May be in live but it doesn’t have the content and we need to make few changes so that your blog stands unique

All you Need to set is in the settings page now go to dashboard and in left panel these options are available let me explain each and every one

Table 1: Functions of Dashboard Page

Name Functions


Posts: These are the Articles or thoughts that you write on the blog For Examples this article on this website is a post.
Page Page: These are Similar to Posts but these not updated frequently and limited in number for example contact us page, about us page, home page, etc
Comments Comments: Shows all the user comments (visitors Comments) in a single page and you can reply them with in that page. The Comments are visible to all and you can who can choose who can comment in setting
Earnings Earning: Blogger Allow you earn money by placing google ads on the site however you need to qualify by posting original content
Theme Theme: Blogger Allow Us to Change Themes for the List and also allows us to customize by clicking Edit HTML. You Can Get Many HTML Templated (Free and Paid) For Blogger and select one and copy and paste the code. Theme can help your blog to stand out from others. Trust me Theme Matters a lot
Settings Settings: Allow to change setting for you blog more information on below table


Table 2: Functions of Settings

Link Name Functions
Basic Edit Basic Info And Description And HTTPS Setting and Users who can post in your blog
Posts, Comments& Sharing Here you can set number of comments that can appear on screen and number new posts on home screen and who can comment
Email Here you can set the email so that you can mail the post content and it will be auto posted on your blog. Use high complex secret keys
Language and Formatting Allow you to set the default language , Time zone settings Date Formats .etc.
Search preferences Important Section , here you can set the Meta Tags and redirection and search engine crawler access
Others Has Links to delete, Import, Export your blogs
Users Settings Can Edit user profile, language of profile, etc.



For More Detailed Step By Step process please download my E-book on How to create a blog in blogger in 5 mins


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