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Immortal Ter-x . The Chrome Dinosaur Trick

Chrome Dinosaur Trick Immortal Ter-x.

Google Dinosaur Game is one of the popular one . Dont You Know ? The little dinosaur the comes where there is no internet connection. Right. The Game is designed as way to wait users on chrome in event of network loss .

The Google Dinosaur game original as Ter-X can be modified by using console functions of the game how ever its fun to play but you can change it

How to Play the Hidden Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Well You no Need to Cut the internet connection in order for the game you can still play the game with live internet connection all you need to open a new tab and enter chrome://dino or else click here Once the Page is open then open the developer tools

</a Immortal Ter-x . The Chrome Dinosaur Trick

Opening The Developer Tools . Open The Dino Page And Select the Menu(3 Dots) > More Tools > Developer Tools Or Else Simply press F12

So What Exactly We Are Going to Do?

When You play the game Every Time Dino Hits The cacti there is a function called “Game Over” Which runs the sound and stops the game and stores the high score . we are exactly disabling it let’s get to step by step process

Now, type the following command and press “Enter.”

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

On the next line, we’ll have to enter another code.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}

Press Enter.

As you can see, the dinosaur is unaffected by cacti. Now you can watch the points rack up.

Note: Here We declare the variable Original To Store the original code you can place your name if you want . if you want to end game enter the below code

Runner.prototype.gameOver =original

To Improve the speed


Set the number in Set Speed you desired one and also you can put – values to run game backward


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